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•The actuator allows the setup of all the features according to the requirements of the installation or the user.. Using the pen drive provided by UCS in the setup kit you can load on your PC (using a Windows OS) the BMSline software that allows you to set the actuators.

•BMSline actuators can be easily integrated in a Building Management System through a Gateway.

•The BMSline electronic board is installed in the QUASAR and VEGA series (QUASAR L, TWIN QUASAR and TWIN VEGA included) with 24 Vdc voltage supply. 

•Local control of the window with a common wall switch wired directly to the actuator, even with centralized management.

•Independent connection to Smoke Ventilation Control Panels equipped with batteries: safety of the building is ensured with operation in case of emergency at full speed and force.

•Control of every single actuator in the building, as well as control of groups of windows (rooms, floors, all the windows in the building).




•Percentage of opening

•Speed, in opening and closing actions 

•Force, in opening and closing actions 

•Real close position of the window

•Soft stop length and speed 

•Control unit connection reduction of entrapment risk 

•Speed synchronization for multiple actuators on the same window 

   •Full opening or closing and percentage of opening

•Location in the building and address in the network 


•Command state

•Eventual failures